Connect to Your Curriculum

This exercise has you thinking about how you will integrate technology into your curriculum, now it’s time to think about how you will, ‘integrate this integration’. Just as an architect would envision users of a new building walking through it, you need to craft an implementation plan as to how your learners will progress through your tech creation as an activity.

You might want to storyboard the process, or create a checklist. Either way, map and clearly sequence the instructions you will give your learners. Make sure to indicate how the different elements fit together and link the activity to your learning outcomes. If you get to this point and cannot connect your technology creation/activity back to your course learning outcomes, it is definitely cause for attention.

Extend Activities


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Sharing your technology enabled creation

  • Write a reflective blog post that includes an explanation of the context and reasons why you choose to use a technology-enabled solution for your learning challenge. Include your process for empathizing and defining your learner challenge, the steps you took in ideating and prototyping your technology creation as well as your planned implementation. Make sure to include a link or screenshot of the technology creation in your blog.
  • Share a link to your blog and/or your creation  by sending a tweet to @OntarioExtend with the  hashtag #oextend.

Tool Exploration

As you have journeyed through the steps of the Technologist Module, you may have discovered some new tools, tips and tricks along the way. Is there a resource that should be added to the resources section of this module? Add it to our EdTech Tools Padlet.

Pick a tool from The Great Tool List and send a tweet to @Ontarioextend with the hashtag #oextend describing how it could be used in a teaching context.

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