Domain of Your Own

The Domain of Your Own  is a place on the Web that you can personally manage and design. There, you can choose what you share (post) and how you represent yourself online.

The premise is different from many other online activities that operate within some infrastructure built by large companies or institutions (e.g., the LMS, social media sites, Google Tools). While simple to use, these apps often exchange convenience for your personal information. With Domain of One’s Own, you are in control.

Your Domain is more than a blog or a website. It is an entire digital space that is yours. You set up the domain, and you can use it to blog and to create a personal portfolio that belongs completely to you.  It is a way to truly be an open learner and educator. As an Ontario Extend participant, you will be learning in the open, key to this is having a domain of your own.   

Digital identity and data ownership are at the core of your Domain. It’s about creating a digital presence, learning how to use digital tools, exploring the possibilities of digital spaces, and defining who you are online.

Choose your pathway

Imagine, as you begin your Ontario Extend journey, you are an artist looking for a studio space to work in. What are your options? You can rent a shared studio space, get a whole studio for yourself, or you could even build a studio from the ground up. These options are analogous to your options for your Extend work. Depending on your time, finances, and skill set.  You could:

1. Get a free hosted site

WordPress, Wix, and Blogger are examples of free sites you can get if you haven’t done any of this type of work before. This will be your easiest pathway to get up and running as an open Extender. This does not preclude moving in to managing your own domain in the future (the next option). If you want some help, see WordPress Essential Training on

2. Purchase and manage your own domain

Reclaim Hosting, Digital Ocean, Pantheon, 101 Site Hosting are web hosting services that allow you to take real control of your domain and to expand to subdomains and beyond. See the DoOO guide that was created for the Ontario Extend Summer Institute  to help you decide if you’re ready to head down this path.

3. Use Your Current Site

Maybe you already have your own domain, or a site you coded or host yourself. If so, you’re the expert and we will leave you to it.

It’s your choice. This is your starting point and they each have their own unique ups and downs. But they can all be pathways to centering your professional learning around yourself, in the open. That openness is what will give this community life. Your work is not hidden inside a folder on your desktop. It’s available to others to see.

The Domain of Your Own resources are modelled after the resources for the Domain of One’s Own (DoOO) that were created to support the Ontario Extend Summer Institute.

The Daily Extend Activities

The Daily Extend is a set of activities to practice your media and networking skills while you explore new technologies or approaches to designing learning activities. You are invited to try the Daily Extends and to share your experiences, curations and creations via Twitter byt tweeting to @ontarioextend with the hashtag #oextend and on your domain.

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